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I am Conni.

And you are you.

And fuck, I’m glad our paths have crossed.

Because one thing I know about you, is:

You get it.

You found me, because your soul is on fire.

You are ready to be fully yourself.

Here is a bit about my story…

I used to be an insecure young teenager in the closet, but managed to grow into a confident, brave, successful, spiritual woman and entrepreneur.

I went from not feeling seen and feeling grey to being seen all over the world (Germany’s most (in)famous travel blogger and digital nomad).

For most of my life I had no idea who I really was and I was afraid to show myself. Today, I am living and proudly expressing my authentic self all over social media and creating my own rules in life and business.

I used to be the seeking world nomad, travelling like an addict, always looking to find the perfect place. Having lived a nomadic life roaming the world since I was a teenager, I eventually came home – to myself.

I went from an outer journey to an inner journey, from searching for freedom outside to finding it within.

I have gone from hiding, shutting down and feeling ashamed of my feelings and emotions to celebrating them and living them. From not knowing how to name and express my emotions to doing it publicly on my social media channels.

I used to feel intensely ashamed and embarrassed of my homosexual identity and feelings for women. I had a late coming out at age 26, and today I am proud of the queer woman that I am.

I never cared much for health, nutrition or moving my body. Today, I embrace all of it every day as a vegan yogi – and I feel more alive and energetic than I ever have.

I created a successful freedom business, lived in paradise, had tens ofthousands of raving fans and followers. I had created (what I thought) my best life and lived the 4-hour work week – basically, ultimate freedom.

But, I wasn’t happy.

On the contrary:

I was deeply depressed and saw no meaning or purpose in life.

I felt like I had failed at all of this – life, business, relationships.

I felt lonely, miserable, sad, heartbroken and useless.

So I kept digging deeper.

And what I have found is what I want to share with you.


I know the dark and I know the light. I know all the shades in between.

Rock bottom? Excruciating heartbreak? Lying on the floor, crying my heart out in desperation? Questioning everything, myself, my business, my spirituality and doubting my existence on this planet?

I have been there so many times.

Pain and difficult challenges have taught me my most valuable lessons. They have brought me deeper into life and into myself. The shit times have defined me immensely.

Will I tell you that there is this one happy awesome life? Will I share with you that one thing I did to live happily ever after?

Fuck no.

My guess is: I might never have it all figured out.

Not business, not happiness, not relationships.

This thing we call life is a process, a journey, and most times we will never know what’s around the corner.

I live and, every damn day, I learn.

Most days are awesome these days, I feel creative and inspired and loved and worthy and free and vibrant and just overall badass.

But sometimes depression jumps on me like an extra-tight wetsuit and I just can’t get it off.

And I am sick of pretending those dark times don’t exist as an entrepreneur, content creator and public face on social media.

So over the years I have learned and adopted many tools to support me and bring me back into my body and ground me down in a wide variety of ways.

And I have gotten my neuro-pathways to open up to change and integrate a new mindset and ways of thinking. Kinda mind-blowing actually.

I want to share that with you too.

So the way I do life?

Day by day.

No secrets or hacks or magic tricks.

I wake up, I connect with myself, then with the world and then I figure out how I can grow, learn, create, contribute and expand as much as possible.

My purpose is to share my experiences and learnings from life and business that shaped me the hardest.

To let you in on the mindset, life philosophies, tools and habits that I have adopted over the years and that have enabled me to change hundred of thousands of people around the world.

I am here to create. And to inspire you to create the shit out of your life.

I am here to connect to visionary spirits like you.

I am here because I want you to live, create, love, travel, surf your heart out.

I live a plant-based, vegan life.
I do a lot of Yoga.
I meditate.
I feel home at the ocean.
I love but suck at surfing.
I skateboard.
I am a nomadic entrepreneur.
I adore women.
I love and .

I also made a video about who I am, like, you know, really:

I am so fucking glad you are here.

Love and Peace



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